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Turn a passion project
into your main hustle.

Boost your email newsletter reach by sending content over SMS text.

No payment required.
Chat with an actual human.


SMS texts have a
98% open rate.

Beam fuels the real-time connection between you and your audience. Engage with your customers, send newsletters, collect payments, sell subscriptions, and grant access to content.


Featured Creators

1,400+ creators use Beam
Jason Levin
NEWSLETTER: Cyber Patterns
View Creator

Meet Jason Levin, a freelance content writer and social media manager who has turned his passion for creating into over 3,000 newsletter subscribers and a $25,000 monthly income. While many people struggle to find ways to monetize their skills and passions besides the traditional nine-to-five route, Jason found a way to do it on his own terms.

Brittany Joiner
Newsletter: HOW I TRELLO
View Creator

Are you ready to take your Trello game to the next level? Look no further than Brittany, the Trello expert and community builder extraordinaire. She's been using Trello for over 6 years to organize her own projects and build a community of fellow Trello enthusiasts. In fact, she’s found and contributed so much value to the tool that she has built her own newsletter on it, with an audience growing by the day.

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Separate your most loyal subscribers from the rest, then continue the conversation via SMS. Maximize your revenue potential by tapping into the most dedicated portion of your audience.

Never get lost in an email inbox. Ever again.

Offer your Email Newsletter via SMS

No additional work needed from you. Easily send SMS text versions of your email newsletter to your subscribers, making it easier to subscribe and engage with your content.

Have an existing mailing list? Sick of email unsubscribes? Give your subscribers only the highlights.

Charge One-Time Payments & Subscriptions

Charge your subscribers for exclusive content, with one-time, subscriptions, and annual options for access to your SMS newsletter. Your subscribers can pay directly through their phone with convenient SMS payment links. Easily integrate with Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Turn Your Fans Into Customers

Sell digital and physical products via text such as e-books, PDF guides, images, videos, audio files, and more.

Collect donations for your nonprofit or charity.

Raise funds for your startup or latest album release.

Auto-Reply Messages

Set keywords to trigger payments, provide FAQs, send media files, and deliver pre-written responses so your subscribers always stay in the loop.

1-on-1 Chat

Give subscribers exclusive access to 1:1 chat with you. Exchange photos and other files, check up on your followers, and answer questions without having to give out your real number.

Eliminate Dead Weight in Your Email List

Text messages have 98% open rates for active subscribers. Your most loyal fans WANT to hear from you.


No coding required.

zero friction.
total freedom.
pure focus.

Say goodbye to distracting content.
Your audience is
fully dialed in.

No confusing platforms, no opt-in emails, no intrusive ads, no app downloads, no hacked accounts. Say goodbye to forgotten account passwords, time-consuming registration, and irrelevant notifications.

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Send payments

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Request Payments - App X Webflow Template

Request payments

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Let your business run itself and create auto-reply messages for specific keywords and access codes.

Set keywords that trigger payments, provide FAQs, send media files, and deliver pre-written responses so your subscribers always stay in the loop.

Check out some examples below of how our creators currently Beam their subscribers:

Event Details and Invitations
Inspirational Quotes & Self Help
Recurring Newsletters 
& Digests
Digital Courses, PDFs, and Guides
Audio, Music, and Video Recordings
New Products In Stock
Appointment Booking Access
Store Hours and Business Updates
Fitness Workouts
And so much more.